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About Us

With a foundation that was laid more than a decade back in 2005, and a powerful drive to make a difference in the Information and Communication Technology sector while simultaneously serving the security needs of all corporate business, AzMax had arrived. Ever since then, we’ve been going from success to even greater success in every facet of our operations.

With a roster of experienced professionals who are ready to take on any challenge, AzMax have been able to successfully deliver the right compatible devices for diverse industries. Our experience and expertise have made us into a premier company in dealing with ICT Infrastructure - Hardwork and Networks, Server Installation and Storage, Security and Surveillance, Peripherals and Accessories Trading, Service & Support.

Apart from this, the team of experienced professionals at our disposal makes it possible for us to expand our services to other departments as well. We are able to provide you with Video Conferencing and Video Intercom Solutions, IP Telephony, and Unified Communication among others. The rich talents at our disposal and with an efficient management team, your requirements will be met comprehensively and consummately, giving you a better ICT foundation than before, making it possible for you to flourish.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide corporates from disparate industries state of the art technological solutions which will enhance business, interconnectivity and communication.

Our Vision

We see ourselves on the forefront of delivering top-notch Information and Communication Technology solutions and cutting edge software solutions to clients across GCC and the world in the future.

Solutions that
Azmax can deliver

We are in the business of giving you cutting edge communication solutions and improving the quality of interactions. All in all, what we are doing can be termed as information and communications technology (ICT), and we are among the foremost experts at installing top notch ICT hardware and setting up the compatible network configuration for your business or your home. We are able to deliver the equipment and set it up at any type of environment. We are affordable and never compromise on quality.