Communication Assistant

The Panasonic Communication Assistant Productivity Software Suite is a solution from unified communications highly intuitive combining the ease of telephony into point-and-click with presence and availability management functions, integration with Microsoft Outlook®, visual voicemail, and various collaboration tools for simplify and improve real-time communications for telephony users business.


The software allows two modes of deployment:

(a) Serverless Deployment - For single office SMBs;

(b) Server Deployment - For multi-site companies (up to 4 offices).

The Communication Assistant client can be installed in four modes depending on the set of functions wish.


CA Basic-Express

"Point and click" telephony (point-and-click) - Basic functions including the Microsoft Outlook toolbar.


CA Pro

Intuitive and complete telephony by click - with real-time indication of presence and availability.


CA Supervisor

Designed for team leaders or supervisors to easily manage telephone activities real-time group members and agents.


CA Operator

Console The host operator application allows receptionists to quickly and efficiently take all and professionally manage corporate communications, whether they are customers or employees.




  • "Point and click" call control
  • Advanced functions for managing availability and presence
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Search for contacts by group
  • Real time indication of presence
  • Integration with LDAP server
  • Instant messaging (chat)
  • Chat process indicator
  • Chat reminder
  • Visual voicemail with integrated VMA module
  • Unified messaging via optional KX-TVM50 / TVM200
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook® 2003/2007
  • Intercom and door strike control
  • Integration and control of IP camera
  • Call History, Dialed Calls, Missed Calls
  • Call center functions  
  • Remote Agent Login / Logout and Post-Processing  
  • Supervision and management of group calls by supervisors



  • Missed Calls Journal
  • Increased capacity (up to 1022 users)
  • Common contact list on CA server
  • Contact method depending on the presence 
  • Multisite networks (8 sites)
  • Compatible with Thin Client computing environments 
  • MyList Favorites accessible on multiple networked devices 
  • Teleconference (requires OneNet)  
    - Add participants to a conference by drag and drop  
    - mute, pause, participant exit 
  • Pbx networking features (requires OneNet)  
    - Listening  
    - Message Waiting / Reminder
    - Taking a call  
    - Third party entry 
  • Caller Information 
  • Sending SMS messages 
  • Disabling the cat 
  • Automatic update of contact names

Multisite Unified Communications Solution

Communication Assistant is based on a CTI technology in which the point and click operations of the end user on his PC are communicated via the company's IP network to the communication platform.



Communication Assistant Unified Communications Clients can integrate with the most TAPI-based CRM systems currents. Lacompatibility has been tested with the following products:

  • Goldmine (version 6.0)

  • Sage ACT! 2007 (version 9.0)

  • TwixTel

Note: CRM integration is not available in Basic-Express mode. he this function may not be compatible with some CRM systems, according to the software specifications.



LANGUAGES AVAILABLEThe Client and Server Communication Assistant software are available in the following languages:

  • Croatian 
  • Czech 
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French 
  • German
  • Hungarian 
  • Italian
  • Portuguese 
  • Polish
  • Spanish 
  • Russian 
  • Ukrainian
  • Chinese

The OneNet advantage

Communication Assistant now integrates OneNet technology. Thanks to OneNet, CA 3.0 can extend many of its powerful functions on multiple sites, for example:

  • Teleconference - Conferences by simple drag and drop (drag and drop) on multiple sites. Cut the microphone, put the call in pause or remove local or distant participants at the conference.  
  • Listening - Manage network call groups with ability to listen to conversations from remote networked sites. 
  • Call pickup 
  • Third party entry 
  • Improved status information for network users



CSTA Multiplexer is a middleware software for connect and run simultaneously on the same platform multiple CTI applications, including applications from other providers.CSTA Multiplexer can be run on the same machine as the CA server.



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