UC Pro

Multi-device flexibility anywhere versatility

Get connected easily anytime you want

Quickly & Accurately Text Chat with any members

Business communication is undergoing rapid change today.This application allows easy, intuitive use of various forms of communication -- like high-speed, precise information transmission and seamless, multidevice connection.However, business communication needs to do more than just increase work efficiency, it must be easily integrated into existing systems and help to lower costs across the table.Because of UC Pro's excellent compatibility with Panasonic PBXs, it offers strong support for virtually various kinds of business.


Providing Solutions with UC Pro


Fast, Efficient Work Tool


Panasonic UC Pro is designed to use Windows clients as the main interface, to provide a host of collaborative functions, including large-capacity call functions, unified messaging, presence, and shared directories.

UC Pro also supports the Mac OS, so a wide range of solutions can be provided to users and businesses. From small and medium businesses to large-scale enterprises,this is a highly efficient tool for multi-tenant companies.


User Benefits


Communication solutions for various situations and purposes.



Multidevice usage opens the door to communication in virtually any location.


Any members

Text chatting is a standard feature, for speedy, accurate communication.



The other party's situation can be instantly known, and contact can be easily.


Inside or outside the office, a single ID gives you access to the people you need.


Smartphone & Tablet

Mobile clients can communicate from the same account as your PC, so you can take care of business while on the go.


UC Pro Features

  • Make Calls
  • Text Chat
  • Audio Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Favorites
  • Journal
  • Unedited
  • Planned
  • Presence
  • Group
  • Right Click Menu
  • Extension
  • Mobile Integration
  • Integrated Calendar Customizable



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