Business Communications Server

The KX- NS1000 Business Communications Server is a full IP system with high expandability, designed to simplify and improve communications, lower costs, and improve productivity. The Unified Communication system enables various communication methods such as voicemail , faxes, and e-mail. Since the system can also be connected to existing Panasonic PBXs to smoothly migrate to a full IP system, it can be used with legacy systems. This is a flex ible system that can meet various user needs.


One-look  Networking

One-look Networking is a system where a single KX-NS1000 works and provides PBX features even though two or more main units are networked. It is not necessary to provide additional servers. The system can be expanded easily via a web-based maintenance console. One-look Networking provides a maximum of 16 sites with the large capacity of KX-NS1000.


One-look Networking Survivability

With One-look Networking, the system can continue to operate even in the event of a failover due to system trouble with the master KX-NS 1000. By specifying a backup master site, the backup master site will act as the master site temporarily to continue communication services when there is trouble with the master site.

This enables each site to continue operating independently. IP terminals only can also be registered to another PBX.


Expandable Capacity

You can connect the KX-NS1ODO to existing Panasonic legacy PBXs to smoothly migrate to an IP system. and the built-in Unified Communication function can be used to construct flexible systems according to your needs and budget. Also, when you adopt the KX NS1000 you- can expand capacity by using trunk adaptors !KX-NS8188/KX-NS8290)  to increase the number of lines available even when legacy trunks are required on a low budget.


Conference Solution

This function enables conference calls to be made from cellular phones. simply by calling a phone number for a contact group that contains up to 8 people !including the caller!. Since it is not necessary to make a contract for a conference call service with a telephone carrier. this leads to reduced running costs.


Flexib'le IP Platform

With the KX-NS1000. it is possible to add activation keys to flexibly increase capacity or functionality when required. According to the growth of your company. It also supports One-look Networking !fulltransparency ). and can connect to a maximum of 16 sites and 1000 terminals.


Enhance Productivity

With built-in voice mail, fax server, and Communication Assistant, it is easy to know who is available, and how best to contact them at any time.


Less power consumption

The KX-NS 1000 system is an eco-consc1ous product that helps reduce energy consumption. The system power consumption has been reduced by 57% (895 kWh/year) compared to the KX­ NCP500 system, which was 2086 kWh/year.


Solutions that
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