Hybrid PBX
TDE Series(TDE600/TDE200)

Full IP and Expandable Office Communication System

The Panasonic KX-TDE600 builds on the “Pure IP PBX” converged model as in KX-TDE100 / 200.
As an advanced communication platforms for IP networking Environments, Supporting network as well as desktop SIP connectivity, the convergence ready KX-TDE products support a range of advanced IP telephones as well as digital extensions and ISDN trunks. Built as a business application environment and bundled with important business telephony applications – the KXTDE systems can easily address your business communication needs well into the 21st Century.Targeting Medium to Large businesses, single site or multiple offices, the TDE600 is a welcome member to the family to support customer needs.

The new KX-TDE600 IP PBXs are packed with features and applications that can enhance your business productivity and have a direct impact on your business communication bottom line.


The key benefits of TDE600

  • Support small to large communication system.

    Up to maximum 992 (with DXDP 1152) Extensions

  • Built-in support for Advanced IP extensions as well as standard SIP phones.

  • Easy Migration to IP

    Upgrade from KX-TDA to KX-TDE, simply by exchanging the Main Processor Card.

  • SIP trunking

    Integrated SIP telephony via ITSPs* and other SIP trunk Providers.

  • Panasonic Phone Assistant CTI software with TDE600.

    It is a high intuitive PC Based application suit that blend powerful point and click telephony.

  • Wireless Mobility Solutions.

    TDE support KX-TCAseries for DECT, KX-TDseries for 2.4GHz.

  • Built-in and Optional Voice Mail Processing system

    Optional Cards:
    ESVM2 KX-TDA0192 2ch SVM, 2ch DISA (250message, 120minutes),
    ESVM4 KX-TDA0194 2X2ch SVM, 4ch DISA (2x250message, 120minutes)
    External :
    KX-TVM50 (2- 6Channels 4-8hours),
    KX-TVM200 (0-24Channels 1000hours),

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    (Installation & Network call costs reduced)

Enhance your business with an integrated SIP solution designed to meet your ever changing needs, with wireless mobility, productivity applications, network solutions and a
common infrastructure that supports companies with distributed and geographically diverse office locations and helps connect all your users with customers wherever they may be.
* ITSP : Internet Telephony Service Providers


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