Wildix Unified Communications

Save your time, improve your business

Wildix Unified Communications & Collaboration solution ensures the best user experience by providing you with one single web interface to manage internal & external communication across multiple channels including:

  • Real-time communication with internal and external users: audio and video calls, conferencing, desktop sharing, corporate chat.
  • Online access to shared phonebooks & presence information on any device: PC, desk phones, DECT handsets, mobile devices.
  • Entirely web-based and intuitive collaboration interface available in the browser, no end-user training necessary.

Unifying communication tasks allows you to streamline daily operations, boost workplace productivity, increase employee engagement and improve the customer service.

Unified Communications optimise the business processes, reduce travel costs, with the use of videoconference, and—due to the mobility feature— ensure the availability of employees anytime, anyplace.

Ready for changes? Discover the new way to communicate: Wildix Unified Communications & Collaboration.

About Wildix

Wildix is a multinational company present in Europe and in the USA, not to mention its own R&D centre in Ukraine, that develops hardware and software solutions for Unified Communications & Collaboration.


One Wildix system can manage as many accounts as there are employees in your company. Import users or add them one by one when needed.



Wildix Collaboration

Wildix Collaboration is entirely web based and accessible via the browser, without installing any client or software, on any OS (Linux, Mac OS, Windows).
A single user interface for any type of internal and
external communication:

• one single place to manage all the contacts
• one single place to make calls from
• one place for internal /external videoconferences
• corporate chat with one or multiple colleagues
• desktop sharing and file exchange

Wildix Collaboration web interface is intuitive and simple to use. It ensures the seamless user experience across multiple platforms: PC / Android / iOS.

Integration with CRMs and applications makes it possible to access Wildix Unified Communications services from software used in the company (see API integrations section).



Collaboration does not only change your way to communicate:
it makes your work life happier.


Collaboration web interface offers a customisable view of colleagues, grouped by work teams, and provides real-time presence information of users.Communication with one or more colleagues from the same web interface:

• audio & video call
• chat
• presence & geolocation
• conferencing
• memo messages
• fax & SMS to one or more users
• access to corporate phonebooks
• screen sharing & file transfer
• audio & video calls / conferences with external users

Attendant Console

Built-in Attendant Console, fully web-based and available in the same Collaboration web interface.

Easy and intuitive tool to manage high volumes of concurrent calls.

Supports assistive equipment for users with visual impairments.

Reporting & Analytics (CDR-View)

Built-in tool for call traffic monitoring, entirely web-based and available in the same Collaboration web interface.

Information that helps you evaluate your company call activity: quantity, duration, type, costs of calls, SLA stats, peak hours, activity of users & groups.


Fax Server

Integrated Fax Server: send and receive faxes and SMS via email or Collaboration web interface.T.38 fax over IP protocol.

No more paper faxes thanks to Fax2Mail & Mail2Fax. Save and store faxes in digital format.


ubiconf The Wildix Videoconference

ubiconf is the Wildix videoconference solution based on pure WebRTC and available in the browser both for internal and external users without having to install any component.

What else you can do with ubiconf:

Finally there is a turnkey videoconferencing system right at your desk. No need to go to the conference room, no need to install any additional hardware or software components.

ubiconf is 100% based on WebRTC to guarantee the best audio and video quality and security of your communications.

Users can start a videoconference right from the Collaboration web interface and can invite their colleagues or external users at any time. External users receive an email invitation and can join the conference by clicking on a link. It is also possible to access a conference in audio-only mode by calling a phone number.


Main Features

• Share your desktop, documents and applications
• Schedule the conference (synced with Google and Outlook calendars) and receive a reminder via email
• Record videoconference, including audio, video and desktop sharing
• Share a link with other participants to work together on a document or inside an application
• Reporting and analysis of video conferencing sessions



ubiconf-Voice speakerphone has been specially designed for Wildix WebRTC videoconference.

• Plug&Play
• Connect to PC via USB
• Connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth
• Talk time: 4 hours
• Three built-in microphones with 360-degree coverage
• Reception distance: up to 4 metres / 13 feet
• Application:ubiconf videoconference,Mobile Apps for iOS / Android, WP600AXX, W-AIR150
• 2 optional microphones


(for small conference rooms)

A Huddle Room is the collaborative space of the future.A small room, equipped with a teleconferencing system,where 3-5 people gather to discuss, strategise and make decisions.

• Full HD Webcam (1080p) with 120° super-wide field of view
• No need for remote control, everyone fits into the frame
• 360° microphone
• One single USB cable for power supply and data transmission
• Portable case for easy transportation


WebRTC Kite

Leverage your corporate website to win new customers.

Transform your website into a contact centre front end

Kite is a new way to communicate over the web
driving traffic to your website and enabling realtime
and direct customer interaction.

Rediscover your website as a simple yet powerful tool to promote your business and bring in new customers.

Your website is no longer a showcase, but a call to action: real-time communications allow customers and potentials to easily and instantly contact you using only the browser.

Kite is based on WebRTC technology, an open source project which includes a collection of
communication protocols and JavaScript APIs aiming to enable the web with real-time, rich and high quality communication capabilities.


Wildix Kite – WebRTC features

•presence, chat, audio, video, file transfer, desktop sharing
• fully customisable, easy to integrate and to use
• no installation on the end user side, available via a simple link
• based on WebRTC
• fully integrated into your Wildix PBX


Wildix Mobility

Wildix Mobility offers more freedom and flexibility in managing your business communication, making sure you do not miss any important call, no matter where you are at the moment.

Your workplace is no longer limited to your office desk.

Just specify your mobile number: now you manage your business calls via the corporate
PBX directly from your mobile phone.


It doesn’t mean you have to be available all the time, it simply means you have the
choice—and all it takes is just one click to enable-disable the feature.

For full access to Unified Communications services from your smartphone and tablet:
use Wildix Mobile Apps for iOS / Android.


Collaboration Mobile App

Extend Wildix Collaboration to personally owned mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones & tablets (secure access also outside the corporate network).

Created to provide one of the best user experiences with the same features (presence, shared phonebooks, events sync, chat, audio & video call) and the same intuitive user interface for Collaboration across all platforms.


WMS - Wildix Management System

WMS is the administrative interface of PBX and Unified Communications.

• It’s entirely web-based and available in the browser on any OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. No client / software installation.

• Time savings on devices configuration thanks to Wildix auto-provisioning: configure one
or many devices at a time, with just one click.Add, manage, update both on-site and remote devices belonging to your Wildix system, assign phones to users via a single web interface.

• Fast import of users & contacts: LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange Server, MSSQL, MySQL, Google, Office 365. By choosing Wildix you choose a complete solution:
Fax Server and Failover are by default integrated into Wildix phone system without any additional licences.


Application Programming Interface

Thanks to TAPI & WebAPI, Wildix Unified Communications capabilities can be integrated with third-party applications and web-based software, allowing you, for example, to manage calls from your Windows PC or from external web applications.


Ready-to-use integrations

Many software products and web applications (CRM,ERP, Fias/Fidelio) already integrate Wildix Unified Communications capabilities and are ready to be used with Wildix communication system.


Amazing user experience:

just one interface to manage users, groups, on-site & remote devices, lines, call routing.


Fully web-based:

accessible via the browser, no installation.


VoIP PBX: Hardware, Virtual and Cloud

Wildix PBX is available as Physical or Virtual appliance or in the Cloud.

Wildix software is fully integrated into the hardware which helps avoid problems related to third-party products integration.

Multiple Wildix systems can be connected to provide a single global cluster.

All the telephony features are included in the Wildix PBX without purchasing additional licences.


Multisite - WMS Network Decide when to be available.

Wildix Network cancels the distances between different sites of the company and enables all the users in different offices to collaborate as if they worked in the same office.

It is quite common for a company today to have branch offices all over the world. WMS Network allows centralised management, maintenance and update of all the users of the system (no matter which country they work in). All the system services are available at each site.

With WMS Network communication between users is free of charge (except for the Internet connection costs). Each user can connect to the system from any office of the company while keeping the same phone number and account settings.

A new user added to the system is immediately visible and can be contacted by all the colleagues.


The DECT solution perfectly integrated into the VoIP System

W-AIR system is developed on DECT CAT-iq protocol that combines data & voice networks. This technology allows a number of innovative features, such as online access to corporate phonebooks and realtime presence monitoring.

WMS admin interface is a single place to manage all your devices: base stations are
configured and updated via WMS. Thanks to auto-provisioning system, connection to Wildix PBX is simple and immediate.

Thanks to multisite auto-roaming feature, cordless phones of mobile employees who
travel between the sites of the company, automatically connect to the network.


Solutions that
Azmax can deliver

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