Video Surveillance

We will give you the most comprehensive video surveillance systems that will cover each and every corner, making it possible for you to have surveillance over every minute movement that goes in your office, securing it from any intruders, and making sure that your employees are actually doing their work.

Video surveillance requires the operation of two distinct components to work properly. You will need a good quality camera to capture the images and a record to record the videos. Further, you will require a good screen to view these recorded videos in live time or whenever you want to.

We are having all types of cameras for you to capture and recorders to record videos of high quality. We can install these cameras anywhere in your compound and we will even suggest the locations where you must install them. CCTV Cameras as well the more emerging IP Network Cameras are all available. The latter are a bit easier to install and these can be monitored from anywhere in the world. We have the latest monitors of sizes and shapes so that you can monitor your location with clarity.

What we can provide

  • State of the art hardware
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Customized Implementation
  • Commercial and Residential Security

Solutions that
Azmax can deliver

We are in the business of giving you cutting edge communication solutions and improving the quality of interactions. All in all, what we are doing can be termed as information and communications technology (ICT), and we are among the foremost experts at installing top notch ICT hardware and setting up the compatible network configuration for your business or your home. We are able to deliver the equipment and set it up at any type of environment. We are affordable and never compromise on quality.